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Framed single glazing folding system


The FFW50 is a framed single glazing folding system which operates like an accordion. There are hinges incorporated on the vertical profile, to enable the concurrent movement of all the panels, just by pulling only one of them. The ultra-thin vertical profiles, except for a unique aesthetic look, allow perfect sealing between the panels. This system is suitable for large height openings.

  1. Bottom truck for extra weather protection
  2. Highly durability hinges with stainless steel pin
  3. Slim profiles for minimal look
  4. Smoothly operation
  5. Stainless steel roller carrier with bearings
Upper track: 70mm × 75mm
Horizontal sash profile: 34mm × 60mm
Vertical sash profile with wing: 37mm × 30mm
Vertical sash profile: 37mm × 18mm
Sash to sash: 44mm
Technical features
Maximum sash height: 3200mm
Maximum sash width: 800mm (side roller carrier)– 1000mm (middle roller carrier)
Maximum weight per sash: 80kg
Glazing thickness range: 8mm–12mm
Glazing type: Tempered, monolithic or laminated
Sealing between panels: 2 rubbers
Up and down panels’ sealing: Brushes
Upper roller carrier: Stainless steel–stainless steel rollers bearings
Sliding operation: Upper
Panel locking type: Lock mechanism or bolts
Maximum number of panels: 6 + 6


  • Techtonia dark
  • Kelta light
  • Kelta dark
  • Black matte
  • Anod.silver
  • Anod. Inox glossy
  • Anod. Inox matte


  • Ammos 7022
  • Ruby red 3003
  • Sand yellow 1002
  • Opal green 6026
  • Mahogany Brown 8016
  • Steel Blue 5011
  • Graphite 7024
  • Gray
  • White 9016
  • Gray
  • Black matte 9005